Storyteller's Story

 Anthony Haden Salerno

Anthony Haden Salerno

I BEGAN my filmmaking career (unofficially) in 4th grade when a friend and I made a sci-fi movie called "Simon's Folly" using my  parents' then cutting edge VCR and hardwired video camera, each about the size of a laser printer!  The movie required decapitations, rampaging robots, a plane crash, and a balsa wood miniature replica of my home to be burned down in our fireplace.  My friend and I played a cast of thousands... or six.  Many more movies were soon to follow, produced at an almost Corman-esque pace, casting every family member, friend, pet and toy.  All the "sets" were "constructed" in my living room, our green second-hand sectional couch standing in for the rural landscapes our ridiculous productions demanded.  Movie making called upon all of my childhood hobbies and loves: model making, sculpting, drawing, music, special effects, storytelling, and having lots of fun!

I eventually gravitated towards writing and acting as I matured, studying the craft at Mason Gross School of the Arts and creative writing at Rutgers University .  A few years later I took a job working at a local ad agency that specialized in video production, of which I eventually came to run myself.  I learned all the ins and outs and ups and downs of DIY production and editing on my own, doing it over and over again on dual SVHS decks and a Matrox editing suite, making mistakes along the way but making something, anything, none-the-less.  From there I fell into the world of animation dubbing and post-production in NYC.  Starting with "blue" x-rated anime (that to this day still burn unsavory images upon my consciousness) I worked my way from associate producing to directing the voice talent.  The shows got cleaner and more legit as I did, leading me to join a group of voice directors working on the first few seasons of a then little known show in the U.S. called POKÉMON.  Animation voice-over direction and acting became my bread and butter for several years, working on the likes of YU-GI-OH!, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES and countless others.

During my years in animation I continued to write and draw and compose, ever dreaming of making films, of creating something whole and original, all on my own, from my own muse.  That dream proved harder to reach than I'd expected and required a descent that only today can I understand as worth while.  For having a dream and living in dreams can become one-in-the-same if One is not centered and healthy in spirit.  Through all my years, from childhood to adulthood, I had lived under the shadow of fear and within the grip of anger, all the while in blissful denial.  The Powers That Be have a very effective means of getting One's attention when it is time for a choice... The Choice:  To Embrace or to be Crushed. I chose the former and from that moment on my life opened like the storybooks of my youth, pouring inspiration and confidence into everything I dreamed about doing, helping to make them possible, and so much more.

LAPSE is the first chapter of this story, my story, of a descent into darkness and rising into the light.  This movie is the first chapter of many more to come, if I am to continue to be graced with the help that has lifted me to this place beyond my wildest dreams.  

Without others I am nothing so I give what I make to everyone.

Thank you.