To Go Boldly… Announcing Argyle Films LLC Production Company

As most New Years go, this one begins with high hopes and bold ambitions.  January 2014 marks the official creation of the production company Argyle Films, LLC.  


Following a modest though very successful film festival run with our multi-award winning short film LAPSE,  we have begun development of a feature under the umbrella of Argyle Films.  Considering the critical success and complex production of LAPSE, we believe it is time not to produce something smaller but to take a chance and strive to make something worth getting excited about, worth dreaming about, working for, and achieving.

The title of this project will be released in the coming months as the pieces come together.  This to-be-named feature is intended for VOD and limited theatrical release 2015-2016.  


In the meantime, to pay the bills, fill the tank, and keep all things afloat while development continues, Argyle Films will be producing content for international animation, audiobook, television, and independent film clients.  Argyle Films will offer an array of professional audio & video production and post-production services.

To reach Argyle Films send us an email at

Follow your bliss!