Dubbing Director


"Dubbing Director" is a broad job description in the production industry, encompassing a wide range of pre and post audio creation:


VO (Voice Over) Direction -  promos, commercials, narration, pre-lay animation, video games

ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) Direction - english language dubbing, post-lay animation

I am an accomplished VO/ADR Director, for 16 years directing everything from animated TV series, films and video games, to dubbing of foreign language productions into english for broadcast and theatrical release.

Since 2006 I have been a senior ADR Director for Everest Productions at the multiple-Emmy Award winning international network EbruTV.  


My credits as Dubbing/ADR/VO Director include:  

TV & Mini-Series - Pokémon, The Winx Club, Shaman King, Cubix, The Slayers, Captain Harlock, The Ping Pong Club, Now and Then-Here and There, EbruTV (various series & programs)

Feature Films - Exte: Hair Extensions, Revolutionary Girl Utena

 Video Games - Shaman King: Master of Spirits, Winx Club: The Quest For The Codex